Snippet Store

A snippet management app for developers

v0.2.11 - Changelog

Manage your snippets with ease

Snippet Store support single and multi file snippet and wide range of programming languages; therefore, whether your snippet is a small function that you use from time to time or a whole design pattern that you need to remember, Snippet Store got you covered.

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Use your favorite layout

Whether if you're storing your snippets only for later retrieval and doesn't really care about the details or if you're a programming learner and need to store your snippets with all the information on how those snipppets work, SnippetStore got your back!

Snippet Store currently support 2 layouts:

  • Original: This is the original layout and focus mostly on rapid snippet retrieval
  • List and detail: This is the new layout from v0.2.0 and focus more on snippet details

Choose your favorite theme

Snippet Store provides 2 main themes: Dark and Light and a wide range of editor themes to fit your needs. Everything you need including your favorite themes is located in the setting modal which can be opened with the keyboard shortcut: ctrl + ,

Tags support

Tired of spending time finding your snippet? With Snippet Store, you can easily add tags to your snippets and retrieve them rapidly using the tag list in the left menu or directly enter the tag in the search bar.

Quickly access your snippets

Fast and convenient is what Snippet Store want to provide to users; Therefore, from v0.2.1, tray icon is supported for quicker access to snippet list. With just one click, Snippet Store will appear and save the day.

Amazing integration plugins

Download - Free and always will be

As Snippet Store developer team only have 1 member, testing and building on multiple OSs is very difficult, therefore, SnippetStore only support Linux and Windows. However, OSX users can always build Snippet Store from source.