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What is border-radius, really?

Have you ever thought, what does 18px or 50% really mean when they get passed to border-radius property?

std::mem::transmute the unsafe magic

Using mem::transmute for struct inheritance in Rust

Browser from Scratch: Layout

A quick look into how the browser layout process works.

Browser from Scratch: CSS parsing & processing

A brief history of CSS & how browser process CSS values

Browser from Scratch: HTML parsing

Since I have foolishly made a promise with the first three words in the name of this series, let's build an HTML parser from scratch.

Browser from Scratch: DOM API

One of the main building blocks of the HTML rendering process is the DOM API. Before a browser can render the HTML document, it needs to parse the document content into a tree structure called the DOM tree. In this post, I'll break down my experimentation in building a DOM API with Rust.

Browser from Scratch: Introduction

This is the start of Browser from Scratch series, created to help me (and probably you too) to learn more about how a browser works by building one!